“Your Greatness” S1 by Judith Osasere Now available on all digital Patforms
September 17, 2021
N Drex releases his latest single ft Hoodx at J-World Recording studio Lekki
September 20, 2021

Out the Mud EP1 by Loveday Savage now available on all digital Platforms

Rapper Loveday Savage is championing the sound of trap in the Nigerian music scene. A native of Delta State, he pours his soul into his sophomore “Savage” EP.

According to him, it all started with the sounds his father exposed him to as a youngster. “As a kid, I listened to a lot of music, I joined the choir and I had a dad who loved music as much as I did,”.

Loveday savage is on top of mainstream success with his highly melodic, vocally-driven iteration of trap propelling him much as a rocket ship would. “It’s been amazing watching myself grow as an artist and as a person,’’ Loveday savage says. ‘‘I had a couple of setbacks like every other creative out there but I’m glad the sleepless nights were not in vain.

On my journey, I learnt that sometimes you might fail and that’s okay, “because everybody does but champions never give up’’.

The journey from Sound Cloud acclaim to popular stardom is metaphorically captured in his EP – “Savage”
Loveday savage is currently signed by House5 music foundation and managed by J-World ntertainment.

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Loveday Savage has unveiled this amazing Album titled “Out the Mud” produced by: Jworld Studio.

The song is now available in most digital platforms.

Use the links below to download:

Youtube: https://youtu.be/LiTqhYLqq0s

Amason: https://amzn.to/3CeZN2k

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