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March 23, 2023

Jingle production studio in Lekki – J-World studios

jingle production studio

Jingle production services

We can create Jingles / Intro / Outro or background music for your project.

We can create any type of jingle in any genre which can be used in ads, podcasts, videos, radio shows, YouTube channels, etc. Our studio can provide you the jingles in multiple versions with and without voice-overs. The Jingles we create are professionally mixed, mastered, and broadcast ready.

Here are the versions we can provide:

Standard Jingle – This would be the main musical composition from which the other versions will derivative, usually, a jingle is around 1 minute in length
30 Seconds Version – This is the same jingle but reduced to a shorter version, it can be used as an outro or during an ad.
Bumper Version – This is usually around 15 seconds long and it can be used for intros or transitions between show segments.
Stinger Version – This is usually around 5 seconds, and it’s normally used for even faster transitions between show service.

jingle production studio

Communication is the key to the success of your project so we are always open-minded and transparent. We always focus on offering the best customer support with zero waiting time and a team you can rely on.
While working with us, you don’t get just a service, you get access to our platform and our creative expertise. Consultations are a big part of our strategy, and you will always get professional audio advice, so your project sounds amazing with the first push of the REC button.
Audio quality above all!
No matter how long your project takes, no matter how complex it is… we do not cut corners. We are here to make your project the best.
We work with professional DJs, radio stations (big & small), podcasters, audio producers and businesses. Let’s create great sounding audio for you!



Radio Jingles, or some as people them call them “indents”, come in various guises. They can be a fully sung version where all the information in the ad is completely sung. Even the phone number. This can feel a little weird when singing it in the studio but having a tune can make it very memorable. Think of you times tables at school. Although admittedly, I was great at the tune, but could never remember the words! Maybe not the best example!

Another very popular cut of the jingle is what’s referred to as a do-nut, or as I prefer a top and tail. This is where the middle of the ad has no singing. You would sing the intro and leave the middle for any voiceovers to get the message across to the listener. The spoken script would be over the music bed that had the volume slightly dropped. This level dip was to help the message cut through.

The sung part would reprise at the end of the song to leave the companies name or tag line in your head. Depending on the type of product being promoted, the ad could be modern and upbeat or soft and inviting. It’s all about creating something you remember.



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