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August 16, 2020
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October 16, 2020


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What do you know about Audio-Video recording Studio?

Audio video recording studioOvertime, J-World Audio Video Recording Studio carved a niche as the leading secular/gospel music production studio

That’s achieved by its wide spectrum of music production; from recording, to live sound, and technology. They call us masters at beat making, mixing, and mastering. 

Of what use is entertainment if nobody is entertained? Every entertainer exists to entertain. The actor, musician, footballer, comedian and so on. We all deserve a chance to express the art in us, and to experience the joy that comes with seeing people entertained. Unfortunately, some have failed woefully in manifesting this magic with reasons largely attributed to poor management. If entertainment was a train, music is the engine. Music makes the world go round but when your song cannot be heard outside your jurisdiction it becomes a total waste of talent. However, this narrative can be altered when determination comes into play. If you wish to take your place in the hallmark of fame or stand out in the entertainment world then J-World Audio- Video Recording Studio is your surest bet.

Talent Monetization

We also specialize in the business of talents monetizing; from music marketing and distributions, to promotions, royalties and publishing. We market and distribute music nationwide and abroad. Reach millions of people with your music and keep earning 100 percent of your earning for more releases. It is not enough to make awesome music, awesome music needs to be heard. J-World is committed to not only help you in making great music but also ensuring that your song climbs the ladder on everybody’s playlist.

Digital Distribution

J-world also specializes in the distribution of comedy, web series, short film, YouTube contents, videos, podcast etc. Stop sharing your contents online for free when you can get paid. We distribute to over 120 digital platforms. The world has gone digital, so should your talents.
Trust us to take you through the right path until you reach the expected destination. The Spotlight!

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