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October 19, 2020
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What is a live streaming-recording studio?

In modern-day world live streaming-recording studio has become more popular, and by far, the most important form of broadcasting. The need to engage meaningfully with your audience; customers, employees, followers or community , in real time, from graduations to expert interviews, conferences and webinars, going live, is something that is important at every level of events.

J-World is an unique and creative full service production company and studio, fully equipped to handle any live stream with a large network of competent live stream operators and producers specialized in rendering professional live-streaming video services for broadcast, sports, music, political, religious, business and general events.

Our utmost priority is to ensure that our clients get maximum satisfaction from our services; in order to achieve this; we utilized the accessibility of ground breaking technologies and concepts to launch industry leading clients to the top of their game. We produce excellent live streams; professional high quality video, engaging live events and promotional media to boost engagement and build solid brands.

Studio Features

Our recording and live stream production studio is large enough with space, serenity, and good acoustics for a guaranteed good sound quality. Fully equipped for Audio Recording, Audio Editing, Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering, Live Recording, Audio Dubbing, Voice over, Song Recording, and mixing for movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Songs, Jingles, TVC’s, Radio Spots, Studio Production Equipment and crews and more. We offer both onsite and offsite productions for musicals, talk shows, business presentations, TV Promos, Reality shows, and more

Live Stream Monetization

We also specialize in the business of monetizing content; from live stream marketing and distributions, to promotions, royalties and publishing. We market and distribute content nationwide and abroad. Reach millions of people with your content and keep earning 100 percent of your earning for more productions. It is not enough to create awesome content, awesome content needs to be seen. J-World is committed to not only help you in creating great content but also ensuring that your content climbs the ladder on everybody’s watch list.

J-world also specializes in the distribution of comedy, web series, short film, YouTube contents, videos, podcast etc. Stop sharing your contents online for free when you can get paid. We distribute to over 120 digital platforms. The world has gone digital, so should your talents.


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