Modeling school lagos nigeria
J-World Modeling School Lagos Nigeria| Ongoing Admission
October 20, 2020
ONLINE jingles production studio
J-World Filmmaking & Producing School Lekki: Ongoing Admission
October 21, 2020

J-World VFX & Coloring School Lekki: Ongoing Admission

ONLINE jingles production studio

Online and Offline VFX & Coloring School Lekki

J- World VFX -Coloring School Lekki tutors students on how to take responsibility for achieving the creative goals of the director and/or producers through the use of computer graphics and visual effects.

This course is designed to introduce students to the art and science of visual effects for broadcast and digital film-making.

VFX are used in various film genres including music videos. Having creative and technical control over this skill can make you become a top hire for directors and producers.

Coloring is another effective and important skill in the post production process. To maintain the flow and concept of the storyline and its features, it is important for a colorist to have creative control over each project, even in short films or clips including music videos.

These skills are underrated but extremely important among the production set. VFX and Coloring are extreme technical tools that require a lot of techniques and creativity.

J-World VFX & Coloring Course Details

Topics emphasized in J-World VFX-Coloring School Lekki include the visual effects workflow, video technology, image processing, creating mattes, tracking, and compositing. The course aims to build students understanding the difference between a visual effect and a special effect, how to determine when to choose whether to create a visual effect or a special effect and determine when the two techniques can work together.

Students in this course will understand basic image processing techniques; pulling mattes by using various image processing techniques including chroma-keying. Track motion data using various techniques. Describe and use the compositing process and identify major applications used in the industry.

Students in this course will expertise basic compositing and how the VFX field integrates computer graphics and 3D components with live-action plates.

 Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
CLASS LENGTH: 120 Mins/Class
COURSE FEE:¬†250’000 NGN

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