ONLINE jingles production studio
J-World VFX & Coloring School Lekki: Ongoing Admission
October 21, 2020
ONLINE jingles production studio
J-World Scriptwriting & Directing School Lekki now open
October 21, 2020

J-World Filmmaking & Producing School Lekki: Ongoing Admission

ONLINE jingles production studio

Offline & Online Filmmaking & Producing School Lekki

J-World Filmmaking-Producing School Lekki gives upcoming film producers the guide on taking over the formidable role of ensuring a film project is completed on time, within budget, and it adheres to agreed artistic and technical standards, interacting with directors.

This course aims to expose the student to the challenges of producing from the inception and sale of a project through pre–production, production, and post-production to distribution.
Students will learn typical producer functions such as when to use publicity, how to deal with creative egos, what to do if the marketing of your project is ill-advised and more.

As potential entrepreneurial producers, the class will study techniques in leveraging limited amounts of time and capital into maximum results; while attempting to balance unbridled optimism against sensible business logic. They will learn how to use the budget limit to create a functional business plan to enroll the fundamentals of producing and distributing the film project.

J-World Film Production Course Details

Students in this course will understand the role and responsibilities of being an independent producer by establishing a way of judging the artistic merit and economic possibilities of a project at various stages from inception to completion.

Apart from – J-World Academy have a lot of other courses to offer. We are engaged in both film and music and offer various subjects to study. In our film school we have online and offline courses in: Acting training, Film Producing and Film Making course, Film and Video editing training, Visual Effects course, Cinematography course, Drone Piloting course, Makeup and special effects training, Costume and Set design course, Music Video Production course and sound designing and scoring for film course.

In case you find interest in music and you have a subject you wish to study, we also have a complete set of courses in the music aspect. We offer various offline and online curriculums. Our Music Academy courses include: advance diploma in music performance, diploma in audio technology, music production training, sound engineering course, voice coaching and also instrument trainings.

Our Music and Film Academy offer a wide range of courses, enhancing the career and goal of each and every student through its projects that build portfolios for students.

 Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
CLASS LENGTH: 120 Mins/Class
COURSE FEE:¬†250’000 NGN

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