ONLINE jingles production studio
J-World Filmmaking & Producing School Lekki: Ongoing Admission
October 21, 2020
ONLINE jingles production studio
J-World Music Video Production School Lekki now open
October 21, 2020

J-World Scriptwriting & Directing School Lekki now open

ONLINE jingles production studio

Offline & Online Scriptwriting & Directing School Lekki

The J-World Scriptwriting-Directing School Lekki puts students through an insightful screenwriter’s all round guidance, providing students with an environment where they are exposed to a screenwriter’s and directors workspace.

The training program introduces passionate scriptwriters that urge to expand their knowledge to the professional world of film and TV writing, to the fundamentals of the creating and the rewriting process, exploring script development and directing production plans.

J-World Scriptwriters and Directors Course Details

The training will start from a basic theory and proceed to projects including screenplay formatting, script analysis, dialogue, and elements of a scene, character arcs, theme and budget planning and finally directing of their own created project. They will explore key principles as usually expressed in great films, then immediately apply these concepts. Videos, articles, and discussions will offer the opportunity to learn and engage with other learners on key concepts and ideas.

Students in this training are usually guided through a personal plan on how to approach the industry. Over course, every student will be tutored to appreciate and achieve their different goals for a screenwriting or/and directing career.

Apart from Scriptwriting and Directing course,  J-World Academy have a lot of other courses to offer. We are engaged in both film and music and offer various subjects to study. In our film school we have online and offline courses in: Acting training, Film Producing and Film Making course, Film and Video editing training, Visual Effects course, Cinematography course, Drone Piloting course, Makeup and special effects training, Costume and Set design course, Music Video Production course and sound designing and scoring for film course.

In case you find interest in music and you have a subject you wish to study, we also have a complete set of courses in the music aspect. We offer various offline and online curriculums. Our Music Academy courses include: advance diploma in music performance, diploma in audio technology, music production training, sound engineering course, voice coaching and also instrument trainings.

Our Music and Film Academy offer a wide range of courses, enhancing the career and goal of each and every student through its projects that build portfolios for students.

LECTURES & PRACTICALS: Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
CLASS LENGTH: 120 Mins/Class

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