November 25, 2020
Talented Trap Artist Loveday Savage Released ‘Brodax Pain’
December 17, 2020

Talented Trap Artist Loveday Savage Released ‘Fully Focused’

Alongside his Cousin Jefferry, rapper Loveday savage is championing the sound of trap in the Nigerian music scene. A native of Delta State, he pours his soul into his sophomore “Savage” EP. The project boasts experimental sonics while fusing amazing vocal melodies with R&B and psychedelic trap.
It all began with the sounds his father exposed him to as a youngster, he reveals. “As a kid, I listened to a lot of music, I joined the choir and I had a dad who loved music as much as I did,”

After a lot of challenges and low living life while in Delta state. Loveday savage is on top of mainstream success with his highly melodic, vocally-driven iteration of trap propelling him much as a rocket ship would. “It’s been amazing watching myself grow as an artist and as a person,’’ Loveday savage says. ‘‘I had a couple of setbacks like every other creative out there but I’m glad the sleepless nights were not in vain. On my journey, I learnt that sometimes you might fail and that’s okay, ‘cause everybody does but champions never give up!’’. This journey from SoundCloud acclaim to popular stardom is metaphorically captured in his EP- “Savage”
On my journey, I learnt that sometimes you might fail and that’s okay, ‘cause everybody does but champions never give up!

Loveday savage is currently signed by House5 music foundation and managed by J-World ntertainment. He boast of an EP album which will soon be released nationwide.

Loveday savage and J-World studio have been working together. J-World studio has a conceptual approach to his artistic output two halves that feed the art but require as much administrative discipline as creativity. “I have my plans for the week written out,’’ Loveday savage shares. ‘‘I kinda just piece out a timeline for beat making, vocal recording, social engagement, interviews and everything else basically. This helps me a lot in balancing both sides, ‘cause without it, I lose track of time and whatnot”.
Loveday savage’s adherence to process doesn’t diminish his spontaneous sparks of inspiration

Loveday savage’s amazing flow is testament to what he contributes to Nigerian trap – an irresistible unpredictability. With these tools in his closet, he’s bound to conquer the mainstream space, especially with the qualities he feels Delta state has given him: ‘‘the need to speak my mind at all times and never giving up.’’

Listen to Loveday Savage latest single Fully Focused

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