Talented Trap Artist Loveday Savage Released ‘Fully Focused’
December 17, 2020
Nigerian Trap Artist Lil Pjay Releases New Single ‘Huxler’
December 17, 2020

Talented Trap Artist Loveday Savage Released ‘Brodax Pain’

Loveday savage is currently signed by House5 music foundation and managed by J-World ntertainment. Loveday savage and J-World studio have been working together.

“Plans for the week and the coming year are written out,’’ Loveday Savage shares. Loveday savage’s adherence to process doesn’t diminish his spontaneous sparks of inspiration

Loveday savage’s amazing flow is testament to what he contributes to Nigerian trap – an irresistible unpredictability and mirrors in his latest single Brodax Pain which is part of his EP recorded in J-World Studio.

Loveday savage is on top of mainstream success with his highly melodic, vocally-driven iteration of trap propelling him much as a rocketship would.

Stream Loveday Savage’s latest single ‘Brodax Pain’ 

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