Talented Trap Artist Loveday Savage Released ‘Brodax Pain’
December 17, 2020
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January 27, 2021

Nigerian Trap Artist Lil Pjay Releases New Single ‘Huxler’

Rapper Lil P Jay is climbing the tip of trap muisc Nigeria. As a native of Delta State, he releases his talent into his music. The project boasts experimental sonics while fusing amazing vocal melodies with R&B and psychedelic trap.

After a lot of challenges and low living life while in Delta state. Lil P Jay ruling the top mainstream success with his highly melodic, vocally-driven iteration of trap propelling him much as a rocket ship would.

This journey from SoundCloud acclaim to popular stardom is metaphorically captured in his Single.

Lil P Jay savage is currently signed by House5 music foundation and managed by J-World ntertainment.

Lil P Jay and J-World studio have been working together. J-World studio has a conceptual approach to his artistic output two halves that feed the art but require as much administrative discipline as creativity.

Lil P Jay adherence to process doesn’t diminish his spontaneous sparks of inspiration

His amazing flow is testament to what he contributes to Nigerian trap – an irresistible unpredictability. With these tools in his closet, he’s bound to conquer the mainstream space, especially with the qualities he feels Delta state has given him: ‘‘the need to speak my mind at all times and never giving up.’’

Listen to Loveday Savage latest single Huxler 

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