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December 17, 2020
music recording production studio
January 27, 2021


Musical Recording Studio


J-World music recording studio is perhaps an independent recording studio that remains in the hands of its quality music production. It was founded in 2007.
J-World music recording studio represent some of the best and most popular Lagos recording studios. Our rooms are used by many local and international artists, record producers and engineers often as a first-choice option.

Our selection of recording studios in Lekki, Lagos represents the core of the entire music industry. We believe we have every corner covered, with a range of huge recording spaces with amazing equipment specs, some of the best mixing studios in Lekki, Lagos, vintage rooms with rare and sought-after gear, programming / overdubbing studios, high-end mastering suites offering attended or unattended sessions, plus a number of long-term let studios for private use.

J-World music recording studios, which has professional and unique producers and engineers. J-World recording studios, this awesome selection of privately owned facilities is the most dynamic and exciting choice of recording studios Lagos has to offer.


J-World music recording studios range from the immense to the unique, we provides a fantastic service to every project it welcomes. J-World recording studio, come with vast collections of the very best equipment. Such as band tracking rooms with interesting bits of gear for musicians to try out, and which are based in cool and inspiring parts of the city.


J-World mixing studios are the regular choice of some of the industry’s leading Lagos rank amongst the best mixing studios in Lekki, Lagos. We also have a selection of quality ‘mixing in the box’ rooms.


We also represent some of Lagos’s leading mastering studios, which are the homes of established and highly-respected mastering engineers. Between them the suites offer attended and unattended sessions, vinyl, CD and DVD mastering, and even a CD pressing service, meaning that J-World music recording studio can actually take your project all the way from writing and pre-prod to manufacture.


What makes this studio so special? The rooms themselves play an important role. As award-winning producer, mixer and engineer puts it, They sound honest.” With all their wooden (and their distinctive faux wood!) surfaces, the rooms certainly have a great vibe. Also key to the studio’s distinctive sound are the original echo chambers, which, equipped with RCA BX44 microphones and Altec ‘Voice of the Theatre’ speakers, have a character all of their own. Each room is equipped with a really special console too, boasts a Neve 8088 desk, with custom Sunset Sound/API/DeMedio consoles, featuring 990 op-amp-based preamps and API 550a EQ modules in each input channel.


J-World music recording studio rooms are equally suited for mixing and recording, In a time when few classic studios survive in their original state, stepping into these premises almost feels like entering a parallel universe: a parallel universe that still keeps churning out great music.


J-World music recording studio production company based in megamoud estate lekki county homes, a comfortable and serene environment, where high class celebrity resides lekki, Lagos, Nigeria…

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