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J-World Music Studios is officially dedicated to Yemi Alade
February 27, 2021
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J-World studio now officially nr. 1 Music Studio Lagos Island
February 28, 2021

J-World Studio renovates exclusive Music Production Studio

exclusive Music Production Studio


Music artists prefer to go to a exclusive Music Production Studio that make the best sounds and also, lead the trend list. Over the years music technologies have improved drastically. For a track there are mostly only few people needed, excluding instrumentalists. Nowadays a producer and mixing engineer are enough to produce a bop.

Though technology had found its way to the top, people still consider studios as the best facility for production of sound. While most studios continued upgrading their techniques and gears, some decided to stick to their traditional tactics, when not modernizing it.

Artists usually go to the studios that are on the current top three, without considering its features. Which makes it easier for the track to become less exciting than what it should be.

Just as other industries and careers too, music studios have their own category in which they are best in. So when an artist selects his music production studio, the artist should consider what the studios strengths are. Most and especially professional studios have always been specified on a selling point which could be genre or target. When a studio should be selected as the best, it might not be the best for every type of artist. That’s why the researching after checking which is the best is important and considerable.


Due to researches we found the most searched and visited exclusive Music Production Studio currently in Lekki, which has been among the leaders for quite a few years now. This studio is recommendable for independent artists.
J-World Studio is a music production studio in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. The music production studio was opened in the early 2010’s and relocated to Lekki in 2017, before finalizing its branch in Megamond estate in 2020. J-World Studio was opened by J-World ntertainment owner Joseph Oladugba King aka Director J.

J-World represents one of Lagos’s leading musical studios, which are the homes of established and highly-respected producers that take projects all the way from writing and pre-production to manufacture.

What makes this studio so special? The rooms themselves play an important role. As award-winning producers, They sound honest and professional. Also key to the studio’s distinctive sound are the original echo chambers, which, equipped with good equipment.

Pursuing the absolute ideal, J-World Studio excludes any compromise. They currently offer a comfort and quality barely surpassed by other studios in Nigeria. J-World Studio come from many different musical and film backgrounds of various projects.

In the first opening, the studio was limited to a exclusive Music Production Studio only and was held in a small space. In the reopening the studio was expanded to a Music and Film studio. Due to lack of space, the last relocation took place in 2020 to near Megamond Estate, where the studio was finalized and the equipment expanded. The Music and Film studio got more features and added TV, Live stream and Photography to its services.

Company CEO Joseph Oladugba limited the extension to musical purposes over, which means all his services are only based on musical projects and purposes including the TV, live stream and photography studio services. Which also means that the music production studio is basically only meant for musicians. He changed the exclusive Music Production Studio services to musical services only, including the photography, TV and other film services. This made the Studio a perfect branch for musicians, especially because they can get all in one, knowing that it’s handled by music industry professionals with film production experience.

J-World Studio Studio is multi-media, but limits its target to musicians only.


In 2018 J-World Studios that was at that point still in the other location in Lekki, there were a few TV shows held on the Green screen that was expanded in the living room of the 3 Bedroom flat. Then a session of J-World Academy was ongoing and the practical was partly held in the video studio.

In 2019 more features were added to the Video studio, including more props and TV studio like materials which were used for other TV and Online show programs. The studio was continuously being used for practices too.

In 2020 when they finally relocated and got more space for the video studio and photography studio, the Video studio was mostly used by musicians only. In 2020 there were no academy sessions held due to the pandemic and the services were limited to musicians only.


As mentioned J-World also has it’s own Academy which was originally for Film and Music studies but it was as well limited to musical purposes only. Those courses still include most Film studies but for music videos only.

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The studio is recommendable for Artists that are independent and prefer choosing a particular company for a project.
J-World Studio is a creative exclusive Music Production Studio and video studio in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria. J-World Studios is currently highly rated across Africa for providing studio services for music professionals and brands and offering several other professional music services excellently. The studio is Located at Lekki Lagos state and designed for flexibility, transparency and comfort, welcoming both the newbies as well as the experienced artists.
It has Music and Video facilities for music projects with services from recording, to live sound, and technology. Masters at beat making, mixing, and mastering, to video services like; video studio, TV studio, photography and even multi media services for artwork, promotions, distributions and more.

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