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J-World studio now officially nr. 1 Music Studio Lagos Island
February 28, 2021
laycon bbn winner at J-World
Laycon BBN winner 2020 visited J-World studio to meet CEO Director J
February 28, 2021

All you need to know about Nr. 1 J-World Studio Lekki

J-World Studio Lekki


J-World Studio Lekki is a Music & Video Studio for musical purposes in Lagos Nigeria. The Studio was re-opened in 2017 after shutting down for multiple months due to the relocation to Lekki, Lagos. The studio is owned by J-World ntertaiment CEO Joseph Oladugba King aka Director J.

In Joseph Oladugba’s early 20’s he established J-World ntertainment and opened several offices and studios from there on. His first official studio opened in 2017 in Lekki County Homes before relocating to a near duplex in Megamond Estate Lekki in January 2020.


When opening his first Studio, Director J mentioned that he had just few equipment in it. That was when he still resided in the Mainland. His studio was then just a music studio with system and some few other equipment needed to record a standard track. He rented a small room to live and work in and a hired producer anytime he had a project ongoing.

When he rented a larger space which was his next branch in Lekki, he included a video studio a year later. Yet the studio wasn’t developed enough to shoot huge projects, but it was firmly used for training sessions.

In 2019 the studio was renovated and new equipment were added, including TV studio sets. In 2019 the studio found a stable base of clients including celebs and high class personalities. Since the studio was limited to a 3 bedroom flat, Director and company CEO decided to relocate once again and moved to the near Megamond estate into a duplex where he reopened his studio.

In the past few years J-World Studios had a lot of prominent clients including Yemi Alade, Ada Ehi and allegedly also Laycon the BBN winner of 2020.

In 2020, when the studio got its final upgrade, it was supposed to be a year with a lot of celebs in the projects list. At the beginning, a launching was planned for the reopening, when the pandemic suddenly hit in. For the owner and employees of J-World Studio it was a shock, just as it was for the rest of the world. Launching a new location right at the edge of freedom wasn’t planned, but couldn’t be changed. Surprisingly over the year there was more movement in the studio than on Lagos roads in lockdown period. During the pandemic there were still some tracks recorded that would make great 2021 hits.

J-World Studio started as a Studio for Film and Music purposes, was yet limited to musical projects only. The video studio was redesigned to be used for only musical video purposes. J-World Studio was also the venue for House5 foundations auditions for a development deal. The studio is often occupied by such events, because of it’s space and flexibility. Director J made sure to design the interior of the video studio to multi functions.

In 2019 J-World Studio Lekki was nominated for multiple Nigerian and African awards and won the African Award For Music & Recording Studios 2019. In 2020 J-World Studios was also nominated and awarded.


The Nigerian based studio is a standard branch for many Nigerian nations. Countries around Nigeria like Ghana, Zambia and others usually prefer travelling in to make use of J-World Studio services. Undeniable, J-World Studio has become internationally known for it’s unique services. For clients too far away, the team developed an online service in which music recording and few other services can take place without client to necessarily have to visit the Studio physically.

J-World Studio Lekki is a bundle of an amazing Team and Facilities. The crew are most hand freelancers that can be selected by client by their preferences, especially when it comes to producers. The most music Projects are currently handled by producer Omokel, but occasionally clients bring along their own producer.

Apart from producers J-World Studio Lekki always hires professional and experienced crews to make sure a project lands the hit. The crew members are selected from previous projects for Yemi Alade, Ketchup and other celebrities J-World has produced for. Apart from loyal crew members, J-World openly welcome new talent. In J-World Academy’s yearly training sessions some students were trained to the professional essence and ended up being part of the crew.

The J-World Studio Lekki  team always has an eye for the latest technology and selects equipment carefully according to project.

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