February 28, 2021
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February 28, 2021


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To select a recording studio online is not always easy. With recording technology becoming more and more accessible as time has gone on, many producers who have gained proficiency on their own home rig have moved up to recording studios. These days, you can find somewhere to record your music according to your fits and needs.

Selecting the best recording studio online for your project can be easier than it seems. It can be an expensive mistake if you make the wrong choice. However, if you make enough researching the process is easier. Music studios are coming up all over the country, and it can be difficult to choose the right one to record your music. Most often the choice is based on proximity of the place, cost and facilities involved.

With the rise of the independent studio, there are more choices than ever when it comes time to get your music recorded. This gives the artist a lot of power, but narrowing down the list of options can also be an overwhelming process. Going down this list in order should help you to sufficiently narrow down your options and figure out what studio is going to give you the best results.

Here are some points to consider when trying to find a recording studio online.

1. What’s Your Project?

Every project is different. Visualizing the end goal is important before you invest in studio time.
It seems obvious that you should have your achievements in mind before you work on a project, but being explicit in these goals is nonetheless important when communicating your vision with a studio.

Studios will have their particular slants and stylistic tendencies, depending on their capabilities. If the project requires a larger than life sound, with complex and colorful arrangements, then you will probably be best served with a larger studio space.

2. The Producer

This is the most important point to look at in your search. Every producer has a way of handling projects. The style and experience of the producer will determine the result of your recording. The Producer has to be someone that understands your concept and vibe and with whom you feel comfortable working.

To find a good producer, research for reviews and recent projects. Most studios have a list of clients on their webpage. Find out how they liked working with the give producer.

Like artists, producers and engineers will have their idiosyncrasies. More often than not, this is a manifestation of their passion for the craft. Some tension in the process is a given, because emotional commitment from both sides of the glass is what’s required to get the most convincing and inspired recording.

3. The Facility

The facility is not only the recording space and control room, but the environment around the studio. You will be in the studio for several days for hours at a time. You will need a comfortable place in which you can flow. You need to find out before you book the studio.

The acoustics and software will be important to consider, for the sound you want to achieve. If you can’t visit the studio before production, listen to samples produced by the studio to see if you like the sound. Remember it is easy to add reverberation in the mixing process, but it is nearly impossible to remove it if it occurred during recording due to bad acoustics. Big factor to consider while searching for a recording studio online.

4. The Equipment

For professional results, the use of a studio which has some high quality gear is needed. So if you’re reviewing recording studio online. that’s one of the most important things to consider.  Most studio websites provide a list of their gear. If you’re not familiar with the equipment and microphones they offer, research them to learn more about them and the features. A studio with a huge list of equipment is not necessarily better than one with a smaller list. The producer won’t use all on your project. If he knows what he is doing, he will choose the right ones for your songs.

Most studios nowadays work digitally, but a few still have an analog input. If that is important to you, then seek out a studio with analog capabilities. The majority of professional studios use Pro Tools for their digital audio workstation (DAW), but a few use other platforms.

If you know a little about recording researching recording studio online, you might also have a few pieces of recording gear that you’re looking for specifically. Do you want to go for vintage sound, tracking through vintage tube preamps and microphones, and captured on tape? Then you better make sure that the studio has the kind of gear to accommodate that!

6. Consider Time while choosing a recording studio online

It is impossible to start the production early in the morning and walk out with a highly-polished recorded, mixed and mastered 12-track CD at the end of the day. Rushing projects will produce only disappointing results.

Having your material arranged and well-rehearsed will make a better result, even if it takes time. While some studios will quote you costs for a total project, this only works well if everything goes like clockwork.

When you are paying by the hour, everyone treats the studio time with the same consideration or pays the difference. If you have an accommodating producer, he will help work you through the rough spots.

7. Comfort

While visiting or reviewing the recording studio online, think about these points:

  • Do I like the vibe here?
  • Do I like the way the rooms sound?
  • Will I be comfortable performing here?
  • Is there space to relax?
  • What’s unique about the facility?
  • Are you going to need to hire session musicians?
  • Are you going to need an in-house engineer?
  • Are the samples pleasing?
  • Are they reminiscent of the sound you’re striving for?
  • Does it have any samples posted of groups that are similar to yours?
  • Are you hoping to rent studio instruments/amps?

5. Reputation

Prominent music studios across Nigeria have a history to them and have a signature sound, but most often aren’t available to all kinds of musicians. There are also plenty of new-age music studios that can be used for music recording based on their specific sounds.

Studios like J-World Studio that was announced as one of the best studios in Nigeria 2019/2020, is equipped with the latest equipment and facilities for varied kinds of musical sounds. Studios Like J-World Studio are considerable for professional productions, while they also offer other services to distribute and develop your project.

Learn More About J-World Studios

J-World Studio is a creative audio and video studio in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria. J-World Studios are currently highly reputable across Africa for providing studio services for music professionals and brands and offering several other professional music services excellently. The studio is Located at Lekki Lagos state and designed for flexibility, transparency and comfort, welcoming both the newbies as well as the experienced artists.

It has it all: Music and Video facilities for music projects with services from recording, to live sound, and technology. Masters at beat making, mixing, and mastering, to video services like; video studio, TV studio, photography and even multi media services for artwork, promotions, distributions and more.

The studio is recommendable for Artists that are independent and prefer choosing a particular company for a project.

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