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February 28, 2021
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Independent artists


As independent artists Today it is easier than ever to release a track, EP, or album without the backing of a major label. Independent artists have the power to determine exactly where, how, and when they want to debut music content. However, as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. In order to make the most of every track, it is key to strategize a plan to release music like and actually succeeding.


Before you can release music, first take the time to determine what your career is all about. Keep in mind, the music and style you choose for yourself must speak for itself and be compelling enough for an audience to tune into. Take the time and a strategic approach to pick the right selling point and genre for your next campaign.

If you are among independent artists looking to establish a fan base or a seasoned musician looking to build anticipation for a larger project, distributing your music is a strategy to warm up your audience. Be sure your selling point and track is strong enough to stand on its own and catchy enough to leave listeners wanting to come back for more.

If your goal as an artist is to release multiple songs in a short amount of time, then an EP is the best option for you. EPs provide a great snapshot of the music you are making at the moment. They are less expensive and more palatable than a full album. Completely suitable for Independent artists.


Once you’ve established yourself as an artist with a loyal and growing fan base, you will be ready to release a full album. Albums take more time, strategy and should tell a story, however, often they have a longer life cycle than a single or EP.

In order to release music to major streaming platforms, you will need to make sure your content meets certain technical requirements. Streaming platforms focus on four main factors to ensure a seamless listening experience for their users. For efficient distribution, review and make it a point to meet the following specs:

Audio Files

Streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify will only accept high-quality audio files. When releasing music, save your final tracks as high-quality .wav files (minimum 24-bit).

Video Files

Similar to audio content, if you are releasing a music video you will want to save it as a high-definition .mov or .mp4 file type.


Streaming platforms require a digital album, EP, or single artwork cover for every music upload. Be sure to submit artwork that is at least 1400 x 1400 pixels, however, the ideal size is 3000 x 3000 pixels.
To get all the services rapidly, indie artists would consider to reach out to companies or studios that do it all.

Studios like high rated african best J-World Studios in Lagos can offer you not only production but as well the rest including distribution and promotion.


Now that your music is set up to standard and your distributor is ready to go, it’s time to strategize exactly when you want your music to go live. The traditional “release schedule” concept is quickly becoming a process of the past as streaming opens a door of opportunity for creators to release music whenever and wherever they want. Make sure your music doesn’t get lost in the noise.

Right now is a great time for independent artists to positions themselves for success in today’s music industry. But how can you give yourself a better chance of standing out from the crowd.

Building a strong relationship with your fans is crucial to your success as an independent musician. To sustain and grow your fan base you’ll need to connect with your listeners both online and in person.

Playing live as often as possible and in plenty of different venues and locations. A killer live show is a great way to win new fans and keep your current ones happy. Make a great impression on stage and make sure the audience remembers you.

Connecting with your fans online is also key. Not only should you regularly post interesting, exciting or maybe even funny content to your social media profiles, but also interact with people.

Know your strengths and focus on them. It’s all well and good being able to write a great song and release your tracks online , but there are plenty of other ways to boost your music career and earn money doing it.

Make plans on getting a music videos. If they’re awesome and especially creative enough, they could go viral.
Create an eye-catching selling point that will be your promotional material and the basis of your website and social media accounts and your career overall. It will be one of the things you’re mostly known for.

No one is going to knock on your door with a golden ticket, and no one is going to do the hard work for you. Don’t assume that you will reach the limelight without a proper plan.

Realize that no one is waiting for your music. If people are going to become fans of your music as part of the Independent artists, you must approach the promoting of your music. Marketing music has changed radically in the age of the Internet and social media. That technology has the potential to take your music to the world. But knowing that it is up to you to let the world know about your music, is an important first step to take as a responsible independent musician.

Avoid telling people in the music business that your music is “good”. When people listen to it, they will decide if it is the kind of “good” music that they feel can get behind and be proud of supporting from their position of power in the music industry as part of the Independent artists.

Stop making the same mistakes over and over. Insanity has been described as repeating the same habit continually while expecting a different result. As a musician you may find yourself not wanting to plan properly, yet frustrated that your musical abilities never progress. As an indie, to find yourself new inspirations & mentors isn’t wrong.

Success for  Independent artists comes by being patient. There is no one timetable or path to success. Most artists termed “overnight successes” are in reality years in the making. If you find yourself approaching the creative act of making music as a chore, what is the point in that? Some of the most successful musicians out there are people who simply never stopped making their own music, performing it regularly, and finding a comfortable way to go about doing the business of their music.

Never stop networking. Always seek to meet new people and develop and maintain relationships. This includes all people from all walks of life.

Be and stay easy to find. Make it easy for everyone to find you, listen to your music, buy your music and contact you. Once you’ve established your contact info, don’t change it. This is vital! You may do something to create a huge ‘buzz’, but if people can’t find you, it will all be wasted.

Treat your career like a business – because it is! Set time aside every day to take care of business.
I can’t make any guarantees that if you do these things you’ll have a long, stellar, lucrative career. However, I can guarantee that if you DON’T do them, you will have a relatively short and unhappy one!


Make sure you choose the right studio and producers you record your music at. It helps to get a permanent place where you turn to when you want to make new music. Selecting the best studio for your project can be easier than it seems. It can be an expensive mistake if you make the wrong choice. However, if you make enough researching the process is easier. Music studios are coming up all over the country, and it can be difficult to choose the right one to record your music. Most often the choice is based on proximity of the place, cost and facilities involved.

Prominent music studios across Nigeria have a history to them and have a signature sound, but most often aren’t available to all kinds of musicians. There are also plenty of new-age music studios that can be used for music recording based on their specific sounds.

Studios like J-World Studio that was announced as one of the best studios in Nigeria 2019/2020, is equipped with the latest equipment and facilities for varied kinds of musical sounds. Studios Like J-World Studio are considerable for professional productions, while they also offer other services to distribute and develop your project.

Learn More About J-World Studios

The studio is recommendable for Artists that are independent and prefer choosing a particular company for a project.

J-World Studio is a creative audio and video studio in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria. J-World Studios is currently highly rated across Africa for providing studio services for music professionals and brands and offering several other professional music services excellently. The studio is Located at Lekki Lagos state and designed for flexibility, transparency and comfort, welcoming both the newbies as well as the experienced artists.

It has Music and Video facilities for music projects with services from recording, to live sound, and technology. Masters at beat making, mixing, and mastering, to video services like; video studio, TV studio, photography and even multi media services for artwork, promotions, distributions and more.

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