Video Production/ Music Videos

You are a talented musician and want your musical expression and ability to show? Recording a music video well takes time and detection.

Our team can provide that and myriad other important characteristics needed to create a promising music video.

Focus, effort, and passion are integral to the process. Serious craft begets serious product, and at J-World we are willing to put in the serious work required to make a successful music video.

Promote yourself and your music with a stunning 4k music video filmed by the experienced music video production company at J-World Productions.

Song Writing

Are you looking for experienced songwriters to help you translate your emotions into music? We have your back.
sound design


Are you in or near Lagos and in need of a studio to record your song or instruments? Click the title to learn more on how to hire us...


Music Production

Are you looking for experiencedLooking for a music producer for your next project? Click the title to learn more about our music production services.... songwriters to help you translate your emotions into music? We have your back.

Mixing and Mastering

Finished recording and producing and in need of a radio-ready mix? Look no further. Hire us today...

online mixing mastering production

Sonic Branding

Do you want your brand to have a unique sonic identity that goes along with the values of your company? Click the title to learn more about our sonic branding services...

Digital Audio Restoration

Do you have audio recordings that are hard to listen to because of excessive background noise? Don't worry, we will make your recordings crystal clear and noise free...

online mixing mastering production

Jingles Production

TV jingles, radio jingles, radio ads, ad campaign development and J-World has been creating catchy jingles and providing advertising solutions to small businesses for a while now. Our commercial jingles and creative ad ideas have been featured in different cities across Nigeria.


Specialist in studio recording, complex recording, mixing and mastering and industry. Our strength lies in individuality and flexibility in attending to our artists and clients. Our production and industry approach are based on most recent developments and international best practices in music.


We produce good and unique audios and visuals for our clients. We are known as the best recording studio Lekki Lagos and we keep our production like our name.

We write, play & publish interactive music videos, films and tv shows.

We provide a full range of video and media productions including music videos, TVC, movies, corporate videos and animations.

Music awards schedule to launch in 2021.

We work with our clients to understand their ethos & the message they wish to communicate, then provide an unexpected, creative & individual event solution.