Digital Studio

J-World offers audio recording with 5.1, 7.1 mix facilities at affordable rates. We provide recording, scripting and voice casting services catering to the artist, filmmakers, TV shows & events.

Our Services are Audio Recording, Audio Editing, Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering, Live Recording, Audio Dubbing, Voiceover, song recording and mixing for Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Songs, Jingles, TVC’s, Radio Spots and more on a turnkey basis.

We are modern yet very affordable professional recording and mastering hybrid studio based in Lagos.

Price List

#10,000 per hour (With engineer)
#100,000 per 10hrs block (With engineer)
#6,000 per hour (Without engineer)

Full track + Custom beat + Mix + Mastering – #115,000 per track

Premium (Sales) wav - #14,000
Exclusive right wav - #49,000
Custom beat wav – #60,000

Full project + Mix + Mastering - #65,000 per track
High quality mastering per track - #25,000
Low quality mastering per track - #15,000

Full projects + Mix + Mastering #115,000 per 1 project
Full projects + Mix + Mastering #115,000 per 1 project
Scripts writing – #15,000
Voice Over artists – #30,000 per one voice

Television studio

We have a fully equipped TV Studio and Virtual Studio production equipment and crews for both onsite and off-site productions for Talk Shows, Business Presentations, TV Promos, Reality shows, e.t.c. in Lekki axis of Lagos.

Studio facilities include: Big space
Changing room
Make up room
Serene and private environment
Ample parking space (up to 20 cars)

Price List


#20,000 per hour (With Crew and equipment)
#100,000 per 8hrs block (With crew and equipment)
#50,000 per 4 hours (With 1 assistant only and equipment)

Full project + Shooting + Editing – #190,000

Premium – #14,000
Exclusive right – #49,000
Custom – #60,000

Full project + shooting + editing (per hour project) – #95,000

High quality editing per hour projects – #55,000
Low quality editing – #35,000

High quality VFX per minute – #55,000
Low quality VFX – #35,000
Color grading ONLY
High quality Color grading per minute – #55,000
Low quality color grading per minute – #35,000


International Standard – Above 2 million
High Quality - #2,000,000
Standard Quality - #750,000 – #900,000
Low Budget – #350,000 – #450,000
Viral Video - #150,000 – #300,000

Studio 3

Body Art Painting.
Body art has been around for centuries as a form of art and expression. From cultural events, parades, costume events, and music festivals to even supporting sports teams, protests, or advertising – there are plenty of excuses to transform the human body into a work of art.

Using airbrushing, stencils or brush-work, J-World Studio has highly experienced artists who specialize in the creation of unique designs and body art. They can replicate almost any design or logo, or create a completely customized piece for you. J-World Studio uses Paasche water-based body art airbrush paints to achieve any look. Just like temporary tattoos,
For more information on body art and body painting, contact Blackline Studio and speak to one of our artists today.

Studio 4

Set Designing.
For this job, you'll need to be good at solving problems and able to pay close attention to detail. Our creative talent and skills will often be more important than formal qualifications to start your job. Courses such as art and design, prop making, or technical theatre can help you to develop the skills you need. Practical experience is very important.

When beginning a project we often include art in it highest form such as digital designs, fine art, or 3D designs. Building set or prop for your commercial, movie, or music video, we provide the best requirement and qualifications in all we do from prop making to location sets, you can get the best with J-World Studios

Studio 5

Writing/ Editing Department.
J-World Studios' team can make sure that your script is ready for the big or small screen by talking with storytellers and providing feedback (Development). We have seen productions take many forms, and can lend our years of production experience as you set out on a path to production (Consulting)

The Airbrushable Models and Talent Management is a national scouting and management company. J-World connects with upcoming models, the best local, and national/international talents.


Audio Production

Are you looking for an experienced songwriters to help you translate your emotions into music? We have your back.

Are you in or near Lagos and in need of a studio to record your song or instruments? Click the title to learn more on how to hire us…

Music Production
Looking for a music producer for your next project? Click the title to learn more about our music production services….

Mixing & Mastering
Finished recording and producing and in need of a radio ready mix? Look no further. Hire us today… We are the best audio video media production studio in Lagos Island.

Sonic Branding
Do you want your brand to have a unique sonic identity that goes along with the values of your company? Click the title to learn more about our sonic branding services…

Digital Audio Restoration
Do you have audio recordings that are hard to listen to because of excessive background noise? Don’t worry, we will make your recordings crystal clear and noise free…

Jingles production
TV jingles, radio jingles, radio ads, ad campaign development and J-World has been creating catchy jingles and providing advertising solutions to small businesses for a while now. Our commercial jingles and creative ad ideas have been featured in different cities across Nigeria.

Music Videos    //

You are a talented musician and want your musical expression and ability to show? Recording a music video well takes time and detection.  Our team can provide that and myriad other important characteristics needed to create a promising music video.  Focus, effort, and passion are integral to the process.  Serious craft begets serious product, and at J-World we are willing to put in the serious work required to make a successful music video.  Promote yourself and your music with a stunning 4k music video filmed by the experienced music video production company at J-World Productions.