Proposal Writer Job Vacancy
Presenters & Reporters needed Lekki at J-World TV
November 2, 2020
Proposal Writer Job Vacancy
A Good and Flexible Presenter Job Vacancy at J-World ntertainment
November 2, 2020

Online TV Presenter Job Vacancy at J-World ntertainment

Proposal Writer Job Vacancy

Tv Presenter Job Vacancy Description

J-World ntertainment is an international record company & creative audio and video studio in Nigeria. We are highly reputable across Africa for providing studio services for music professionals and brands and offering several other professional music services excellently.
Presenter act as the public face (or voice) on television and radio programs and work on a huge range of subjects from history to news to entertainment.

They introduce and keep programs flowing, interview their subjects and generally make sure that everything sticks to schedule and that the audience know exactly what is going on at any given time.


To undertake interviewing and reporting duties for this tv presenter job vacancy, under broad direction in both recorded and live situations, in studio or on location, for both Radio and Television.

To prepare and present bulletins, including assessing incoming copy, sub-editing news copy and deploying the necessary resources.
To produce live and pre-recorded radio news and current affairs programs and to prepare radio and TV packages under supervision.
To originate and develop program ideas; to assist in forward planning of material for future programs.
To provide briefings for reporters, camera crews and other resources staff and contributors.
To develop and maintain local contacts and to fulfil a public relations role e.g. responding to enquiries from the public.
To carry out in-depth research to a broad brief, with minimal supervision across the whole range of Regional Broadcasting news and current affairs output.
At all times to carry out duties in accordance with Regional Broadcasting Health and Safety guidelines policy.

You need to have excellent communicatory skills.
You must be able to both stick to a script and to improvise if anything was to go wrong at any point.

Your personality needs to be infectious to the audience and your knowledge of your show must be backed up with anecdotes, facts and stories that you will have to learn before the show.

Applicants for this tv presenter job vacancy must reside in the island

Send your portfolio to
LOCATION: G11 Megamound estate, Lekki County Homes, Lekki Lagos.

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