February 27, 2021
exclusive Music Production Studio
J-World Studio renovates exclusive Music Production Studio
February 27, 2021

J-World Music Studios is officially dedicated to Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade


Since J-World Studio owner Director J literally tattooed Yemi Alade’s name in big fat letters on his arm, there’s been a lot of tea to spill about the incident. At first Director J has been slammed for double dating, when he mysteriously walked around with this large and clearly visible tattoo on his arm. Now there have been speculations that he officially dedicated J-World Studio to Yemi Alade. Yet the two weren’t spotted together, nor where they ever active with each other on social media, not even a follow or a single like was exchanged.

Later on it was asked if DJ was a fan of the 31 year old Nigerian afropop singer, when he continued dodging questions and partly made jokes of the situation, when we met him at an insider business meeting in VI, he joked about it, while keeping the suspense what it is. “I’m not a fan, I don’t blow air.” He said and walked away.

The Studio is located in lekki and currently one of the most recognized studios in lekki, with it being a top celebrity branch. The studio has a lot of services includin TV, Photography, Video and of course Music Studio, which is all meant for musicians only. It was opened in the early 2010’s and relocated to Lekki in 2017, before finalizing its branch in Megamond estate in 2020.

J-World represents one of Lagos’s leading musical studios, which are the homes of established and highly-respected producers that take projects all the way from writing and pre-production to manufacture.

The Studio owner Director J walked half a year through the Nigerian streets with nose mask, a bit added weight and a Yemi Alade tattoo on his arm, while people were bringing up new speculations. Director J posted his tattoo on instagram stories, with a big smile in his face. Whether he was trying to troll the industry or not didn’t matter any more, the fact that he had this tattoo on his arm that would permanently remain.


Finally he opened up about the tattoo and the dedication brought a actually important explanation. “Yemi Alade changed my life for good…” He explained at the brief interview we had with him in November. “Yemi Alade was one of the artists I worked for or with more of back in 2013. I was the promoter of her hit music video then and after that she was suddenly all over and popular, which is great of course. Then she started ignoring me completely, cutting calls and even blocking me. I was disappointed and shocked, basically because I put much effort in the project, even if her budget wasn’t up to. So yeah, she made me who I am. I learned that I don’t need nobody to succeed and that people never appreciate things.”

Director J seemed to have reasonable reasons why he had the tattoo stitched on his arm, but is it really necessary or just exaggeration? Director J always tends to do crazy things, but this might be a step over the top… but okay.

“The dedication is just a symbolic thing. When Yemi Alade knew me, she knew this young hustler that had less than her and I was managing what I had then. She needed a way into the limelight and I did my job ad then she got what she wanted and ditched me. We could’ve been a team now and a oh look at my studio now, we both grew into great people. So she gave me something with that experienced and I acknowledged that with this dedication. It’s unofficial though, so that part is false.”

Director J also told us about his experiences he made when he was younger and truly, his story was touching. “I grew to value people who are willing to help and I help people too. Over the years I learned how much it means to have someone have your back and help you. I tried to help people that way, but they ended up stabbing my back. You know, I started feeling like there’s no need of helping when people don’t help. People help because they have something they want to give you.”

Director J shedding light on the odd scenarios might open some people’s life, but people questioned if this wasn’t a bit unprofessional and exaggerated. “It isn’t. It is what I felt like doing to remind myself that there’s nothing like appreciation out there and that I should always do what i can’t and not above. It wasn’t a professional manner anymore, if it was, I wouldn’t have handled that project for her. I did it because I wanted to help, because helping adds to blessing.”

If Director J will turn the J-World Studio into a full Yemi Alade Shrine is yet unknown, but at least now we understand why he did what he did. By thinking we also kind of understand Director J for his action. After all he must’ve been hurt when Yemi did him that way…

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