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February 28, 2021
February 28, 2021

Laycon BBN winner 2020 visited J-World studio to meet CEO Director J

laycon bbn winner at J-World


In the lockdown season of Big Brother Naija 2020 the candidate Laycon gained victory and started his career as a musician fully. His career has been doing well ever since he won BBN 2020 and he’s been enjoying his fame, while featuring other artists in his music or being featured. Laycon is celebrated by many Nigerians and also by popular music video director Director J who couldn’t resist to invite him for a visit at the J-World Studios in Lekki Lagos.

Director J planned on a Halloween party for October 2020 in which he expected Laycon to be one of the guests among other celebs, which was cancelled last minute during the end SARS protests. The Halloween Party was supposed to be a pre-launch event for his horror music video project, which was unfortunately not thrown.
Laycon and Director J had a few discussions and speculations came out that they are planning on something together, which was not confirmed as a music video. Maybe The two were planning on the party together, but fact is, there’s something cooking between them.


After the speculations, Laycon was allegedly seen around Lekki-Ajah axis, where the Studio is in Megamond estate. That was in the days the speculations came out that Director J and Laycon BBN winner were or still are working on something together.

The BBN winner and the Director would definitely make a great team and a Laycon bop with a horror video would be cool right?

In a Video he posted on October 3rd 2020 there was a person seen talking to Laycon that resembled Director J too much. After Director J announced having invited Laycon BBN winner to his exclusive Halloween party, the speculations that they’ll work with each other increased. The person still remains unidentified but Laycon fans and Director J followers debate on the issue.

The person they suspect to be Director J actually has a lot of resemblance with him.
On the 4th of October Director J posted a video on his instagram story of himself in a similar occasion like in Laycon’s video that he posted the previous day, making it an unclear confirmation, it wasn’t confirmed that they were seen together. Some people say they didn’t want to burst the surprise of them working together and some think it was just a coincidence and that they weren’t together that very day.

If Director J an Laycon BBN winner were together that day, they wouldn’t have refused to be seen together or take a picture. Anyways, Director J loves being mysterious, which explains the idea of making horror music videos a thing. Maybe he’s planning on something extraordinary again. He likes uniqueness and says he doesn’t get his inspiration from other videos, but more of from where his daily activities. He gets his inspiration from everything that happens in his surroundings. He could see people fighting and get his inspiration from there. Even from seeing people going into the market, just the everyday cycle of humans.


Director J once watched a horror movie called Paranormal Activity which is an American horror hit movie series which was filmed like an amateur project or people installing CCTVS in their houses and paranormal things caught on footage. He started liking horror movies and started watching more and more of them. He asked himself why horror wasn’t a thing yet for music videos and realized that horror a music video requires a lot of creativity, especially when trying to adjust it to the lyrics and vibe of a song.

As someone that loves challenging himself, he decided to take it and turn horror music videos into a thing.
He doesn’t particularly search for songs that relate to horror basis, because that’s rare anyways. He could turn any song into horror. “I researched and studied a lot about symbolism and realized that anything can be a symbol to something, you just have to formulate it in the right way.” He said when we had a brief online Q&A with the Director.

Laycon’s Music would be a good start off for such concepts. Director J though hasn’t commented on the rumors when we tried to get more information when we met him during an event in November 2020. He said he “works with everyone who’s willing to face the extra.” and left us curious on the carpet.
Well, 2021 will let us know what Director J is up to. Especially after he gave us a glimpse into his plans and explained that he had many plans for next year including projects that could eventually blow up the world of viral.

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